To not over-complicate things for the players the rules are kept as short as possible. Every participant of an AB tournament has to read, understand and memorize these rules before signing up to an AB tournament.
  1. Requirements
  2. Tournament Format
  3. Mappool & Map Selection
  4. Servers
  5. Cheating
1. Requirements

To participate in any of the Absolute Beginners tournaments you have to meet following requirements.
  • registration on required
  • sign-up nick and Warsow account must match
  • played between 10 and 100 games of Warsow on ranked servers
  • not a old player coming back from a break
  • not a longtime, active player from another Arena FPS switching to Warsow
  • not a active Warsow player switching from another gametype
Also the AB tournaments are (for now) based off Europe. So if you are from another region of the world you will have to play on EU servers if your opponent asks you so.

2. Tournament Format

The AB tournaments are played in Double Elimination (DE) format.

All matches until the Semi Finals in both Upper Bracket (UB) and Lower Bracket (LB) are played in Best of One (Bo1).

The Semi Finals in both brackets and the UB Final as well as the LB Final and the Consolation Final are to be played in Best of Three (Bo3).

The Grand Final will consist of two sets of Bo3. The player from the UB will only have to win one set.

3. Mappool and Map Selection

The upcoming AB tournaments will use the following mappool:
  • wdm2 - Stunned
  • wdm5 - Viciiou's Lair
  • wdm17 - Le Toxiquet
Both opponents have to agree on the maps to be played in their match and their order before the match start. Picking maps has to follow a certain procedure:
  1. One of the players tosses a coin by typing "/cointoss heads" or "/cointoss tails" into the ingame-console (without the quotation marks). Depending on weather the match is Bo1 or Bo3 continue with 2. (Bo1) or 5. (Bo3).
  2. The player who won the cointoss eliminates the first map, leaving only two maps in the pool.
  3. The player who lost the cointoss eliminates the second map from the pool, leaving only one map in it.
  4. The last remaining map is to be played in the match.
  5. The player who won the cointoss picks the first map to be played.
  6. The player who lost the cointoss picks the second map to be played.
  7. The last map remaining is played as the decider map if after two maps the match is tied at 1-1.
4. Servers

The tournament will be played on EU servers only.

Players first must try to find a server to play on by themselves.

The server must provide the most fair conditions for both participants (exception: one player from EU one from other region). Fair conditions are defined as following:
  • none of the players has to play with a ping of above 100 ms
  • the ping difference is not greater than 40 ms
If the players can't find a server where both have fair conditions they can ask a admin to find a server for them. However the admins decision is final and the match must be played on the server given by the admin.

In Bo3 matches the players can agree to play each others map on different servers. Decider has to be played on a server given by an admin.

The server must run Warsow 1.02 with no modifications and the following settings:

Gametype: Duel
Timelimit: 10 minutes
Scorelimit: 0
Overtime: 2 minutes
Warmup: Yes
Warmuptimelimit: 2 minutes
Powerups: Off
Timeout: On
Voting: On

Players have to check and eventually change the settings before the match. After the mach there is no possibility to replay it based on false settings (if the false settings were known before both players had readied up).

5. Cheating

In case of one or several players being convicted of cheating during an AB tournament the admins reserve themselves the full right to decide about the punishment for the convicts.

Cheating is referred, but not only limited to following actions:
  • usage of 3rd party software to gain an advantage over the competition (i.e. wallhacks, aimbots, aso.)
  • usage of a spectator to get crucial information about the enemy in a match
  • setting up agreements with your opponents (gamesmanship)
  • faking scores and using ringers (usually better players who play for you under your name)
All players are required to record demos of each map played by them in the tournament and to make these demos public upon request from the opponent or an admin.

Rules version 1.0 published on 12.06.2012